Really Big Trees Near Guernville (Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve)

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Whatever you do, make sure you visit the amphitheater (though this time of year it might have better been called the “amphibian-theater”). Also visit a winery and catch a buzz before you park the car.

The posse

Amy dwarfed by a giant redwood

The band at the crest


More crown

Hiking the David Joseph State Park (near Jenner, CA)

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On a beautiful Spring day (one of the first for months) we went to the edge of the continent with Uncle Jim and Chloe. Just south of the Russian river is Shell Beach and across Highway 1 from that is a nice set of trails traversing the coastal hills.

All told, we may have hiked 3.5 or 4 miles.

From the Pacific


Vernal mud on the trail


Spring mushrooms were everywhere (irises too)


To the fern forest

Then it was back down to the ocean.

College and the Arts: CA Route 1


Today, nature was our art. We drove from downtown Los Angeles up 101 to San Luis Obispo, had some fantastic pizza, and then hit CA Route 1 to Santa Cruz. Mesmerizing. Gorgeous.

Good thing we bought sunblock early on! We got fried anyway.

Your host, the ulluh

Your host, the ulluh









Your driver, the gem

Your driver, the gem

California Neighbor Bees

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Space aliens have also payed a visit to the Bowhill compound in California.

California bees.

California bees.