Sorry, In Advance: New Year’s Eve 2018

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New Years Eve 2018 was a bummer.  A few of our best friends actually came even though we let the dogs out and turned off all of the lights.  Sorry.

Figuring out when “advance” is can be tricky near the international date line



This creepy guy showed up and flashed just about everyone


Fortunately the absinthe fairy saved the day

Well sorta.  There were some killings.  Accidental, of course.  And the killer was really sorry before he even showed up at the party.



The Seelbach (a drink that we are really sorry about)


We’re sorry if you caught any communicable diseases. Really.  The hooker said she was clean.


Look who’s pregnant now (and who has whose nuts in a very small jar)


Someone is looking crazed well after midnight when the absinthe was flowing.  


And someone else is looking wasted



Braxton Hicks is a bitch





Nother’s Day

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Google Auto Awesome movie: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/yourphotos?pid=6087589943309472210&oid=102174869453340686992

Seelbach cocktails added to the usual Nother’s Day festivities this year. A good time was had by all.

Me, through glass 100 times

Me, through glass 100 times

When you bring glass to a party, you end up with lots of pictures of yourself taken by other people trying out glass.

Some people refused to have a second Seelbach. Wise.

Beer instead

Beer instead