Romey Gets a New Door

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As a brief addendum to Romey Buys a Building, describing The Natural Mane salon (now a town institution) at 29 West Main, we offer this posting.

Romey secured a grant from the town to beautify her building as part of the main street COVID funding.  The grant covered a new door, stonework pointing, flashing update, and fixing A/C drainage.  While the work was being completed, the Winchester Star snapped this picture and put it in the paper.

You can book an appointment online here.

Bringing Habitat to Clarke County

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Amy and I are proud to play a small role in bringing Habitat to Clark county as part of our wider philanthropic work. (Details on our philanthropy can be found here.)

Article from the Winchester Star 2.14.17

Article from the Winchester Star 2.14.17

Article (part 2) from the Winchester Star 2.14.17

Article (part 2) from the Winchester Star 2.14.17

Read a pdf version here: winchester star 2.14.17

Where’s Aubrey Benefit Concert for the River 1.3.15

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The upcoming Where’s Aubrey concert Saturday 1.3.15 is a benefit for C Spout Run and the Downstream project (both working to clean up the Shenandoah and its tributaries). (See the Winchester Star article posted below.)

Where's Aubrey on the Shenandoah River

Where’s Aubrey on the Shenandoah River

who: Where’s Aubrey joined by special guests the Bitter Liberals
what: Benefit concert for C Spout Run and the downstream project
where: The Barns of Rose Hill, 95 Chalmers Court, Berryville, Va. 22611 * (540) 955-2004
when: Saturday January 3rd, doors open 7:30, music starts at 8pm
tickets: $20 in advance and $25 at the door >> http://bit.ly/Aubrey-river << (all proceeds to non-profits)

WA small

Thanks for your generous support of live music and an ecologically sound community. Merry new year to all!

Shenandoah moonlight and Where's Aubrey

Shenandoah moonlight and Where’s Aubrey

Here is an article from the Winchester Star about the concert.


Tennis Star

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From the Winchester Star.

Athlete Spotlight: Clarke County Tennis Player Eli Mcgraw

Posted: April 23, 2013

Eli McGraw

Eli McGraw

Eli McGraw

Clarke County High School 15-year-old freshman

Sport: Tennis

Position: No. 2 singles/No. 1 doubles

Parents: Amy Barley and Gary McGraw

Hometown: Berryville

Nickname: My brother calls me “Ulluh”, which is just a nickname he gave me, but that’s about it.

When did you start playing tennis: I started playing when I was eight or nine when I took some lessons. My friend, who is ridiculously good now, played and he got me interested.

What you love about tennis: I love how it’s about just as much your mental faculties as it is your physical ones. You can hit the ball really hard, but when you’re losing, if you’re not mentally strong, you can just give in.

Biggest strength and weakness in tennis: [Strength] my forehand and volleys and I’m a lot better at singles than doubles. I’m a lot more confident with my forehand. [Weakness] my backhand and serves. When I get my first serve in, it’s usually pretty good, but when I hit the second one it’s kind of dinky.

Sport you always wanted to try: I used to play roller hockey and I wanted to get into ice hockey, but I never did. I always thought that would have been a lot of fun.

Most memorable moment in tennis: There’s a guy on Skyline who beat me the first time we played them, but then two weeks later I beat him. It was a really close match and was really tiring, but if felt really good to beat him.

Most embarrassing moment in tennis: Probably just hitting a rimmer off the top of the racket and having the ball go straight up in the air.

Favorite athlete: [Professional tennis player] Rafael Nadal because he’s really good and he’s a great sport.

Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers. My grandpa likes them and he got me started watching them.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: [Actor] Hugh Laurie because I really liked him on “House” and he’s just a great actor; [comedian] Stephen Colbert because he’s just hilarious and smart and he makes me laugh; [YouTube broadcaster and member of The Yogcast] Simon Lane because he’s just funny. He’s from Europe and I think he’s a gamer.

Favorite subject in school: I like math, I’m taking both geometry and algebra 2. They’re challenging but I like that you actually get to learn stuff.

What’s on the iPod: I don’t have an iPod but I listen to a lot of different music on the radio in the car or on my brother’s iPod. I like The Shins and Eels.

Pregame routine/ritual: I just kind of hit with my brother [No. 1 singles player Jack McGraw] beforehand to get ready.

Plans after high school: I want to go to college and maybe become a doctor. It might be cool to play tennis in college.

— Compiled by Kevin Trudgeon