View from my Chair

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This is a non-shed-like post. Here’s a view from my chair this afternoon of Reuters Producer Tom Rowe shooting a Cyber War related video. I was the victim.

Reuters Camera Crew

Reuters Camera Crew

Read Proactive defense prudent alternative to cyberwarfare and pass it on.

Black Walnut Demise


Good morning walnut tree.

Morning sun peeks over the mountain.

Morning sun peeks over the mountain.

That’s what happens with 40-50MPH winds, soggy ground from 3 inches of rain, and a formidable old tree that had already begun its ultimate lean.

The butt log is several feet in diameter.

The butt log is several feet in diameter.

From time to time people wonder where the massive solstice fires come from. Wonder no more!

Down to earth.

Down to earth.

An ornamental Japanese dogwood is under the crown in the circle.  A second victim of the storm.

An ornamental forest pansy redbud is smashed under the crown in the circle—a second victim of the storm.

Adventures in tree removal begin tomorrow. Anybody want to buy the butt log? It has to be worth a few thousand bucks.

Santa Prevents End of the World


Santa? Or was that Satan? Showed up and (just barely) prevented the Apocalypse. Even 20 MPH winds and a huge bonfire did not ignite the predicted worldwide conflagration.


Santa (in red hat with ball) prevents the bonfire from spreading to NYC as planned.



Apocalypse Now at the Apothecary Shed

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Tomorrow is the end of the world. See you at the solstice party. Betty sent the weather forecast along.


We are very sad that due to the end of the world this year’s umpity-ump-zillionth frozen winter solstice party will be the last. The solstice this year is at end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. So tragic! Sun sets Friday the 21st at 4:52. We’ll light the bonfire shortly thereafter. It’s a sight to see, especially if it is the very last thing that you see ever.

Bring your friends, warm clothing, some food to share, warm clothing, boots, warm clothing, cheesy christmas hats, warm clothing, and a bottle or two of good booze. Kids are welcome, but bundle them up.

We will provide a complete bar, a keg, eating accoutrements, a HUGE bonfire, a barn with an ipod playing 500 xmas songs on random, festive lighting, horses, dogs, a peacock, and goats. Ridiculous behavior seems to be par for the course.

Happy very last solstice to all. We guess that turning the sun around this year is not really that important. It’s the end of the world, and we feel fine.

The Apothecary Endorses the Apocalypse


Our good friend Joe told us (too late) that we should have named this blog “Apothecary Now.” He was right. But Mitt Romney is even farther right.

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse Now Apothecarians.