The NSA Sucks

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Hey NSA! Stop collecting my trap and trace, pen register, email header, stoplight camera data. You may not be Big Brother, but I want you out of my business. How the hell can an idiot like Snowden have root access to your ultra classified database? You guys are too stupid to control the pile.

Read this article I wrote about “turnkey tyranny”: http://bit.ly/15dB1c5


View from my Chair

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This is a non-shed-like post. Here’s a view from my chair this afternoon of Reuters Producer Tom Rowe shooting a Cyber War related video. I was the victim.

Reuters Camera Crew

Reuters Camera Crew

Read Proactive defense prudent alternative to cyberwarfare and pass it on.

When the Night Will Let Me: The Bitter Liberals

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From The Bitter Liberals CD 13

As you know, almost all of the songs we write tell stories. We want to share those stories with you. So we’re posting the story behind the story for each song on 13 on our website for you to read. The plan is to feature one song each week for the next 12 weeks.

Read the story behind When the Night Will Let Me as related by Clark Hansbarger:

Clark does a great job describing what happens as a song evolves when it hits musica. My favorite part of the song is the 4 part harmony on the simple chorus. Delicious.

On the Occasion of Eighteen

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A toast for Jack at eighteen

May you and your generation…
Cool the tempers and the tempests of the planet,
Bend the bits to your collective will,
Not only stand on the shoulders of giants, but reach into the stars,
Understand and empathize with the human condition,
Create art that challenges, soothes, and startles.

We are proud to know you, proud to grow you, and proud to provide your
launching pad. Remember us as you accelerate.


And now for…Christmas.

Half-naked tree.

Half-naked tree.

Aunt Gaye’s Art: Best Gift Ever

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My crazy Aunt Gaye and Jerry came by for a visit this week on their world tour from St. Louis (via the Stick). We had a great time together. Aunt Gaye brought some art along as a gift for staying at Coal Stove Sink (an unnecessary but very welcome happenstance).

Variation on coffee: BEFORE and AFTER

We’re still trying to figure out where to put this gorgeous work up.

Also in hand, the poem Woodmere typeset by another artist in a specially designed typeface. The letters are beautiful and are inspired by the poetry.

As far as we’re concerned, Aunt Gaye can come visit whenever she wants.

We paid her back withe a Liberal or two accompanied by the Bitter Liberals.

Rogue Cops, Hackerboyz, and Multiple Bodies in a Swamp

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I read lots of fiction, but not much of it is fast-paced, hardboiled crime stuff. I am more of a literary fiction type, leaning toward T.C. Boyle, Milan Kundera, David Mitchell, and the like. Boy was it fun to read Motherless Children by Dennis Fisher!

I venture to say if you are a fan of fast-paced thrillers, you’ll totally dig this book. It is snappily written with a clear, consistent (if not quirky) voice. And it’s a page turner for sure.

As a computer security guy, I particularly enjoyed all of the references to various inside jokes and knowledge. I’m sure that avid runners will feel the same about the running content.

Buy this book (from amazon) and read it at the beach.

The best part? It is the first book of a good friend of mine Dennis Fisher. Rock on man.