Winter Solstice Solo 2019

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The solstice tradition continues in force. Thanks to all who came for the love, laughter, music, and joy.

Tiki lighting

Tiki lighting


Deck the bridge


Sophie prefers parties indoors, thanks..

Sophie prefers indoor parties, thanks.


The barn in party mode




More before


Sundown on the solstice

The lighting was as spectacular as ever.


Turn sun turn!






Meanwhile in the barn…Sophie takes a party nap.


Do not party like Sophie.




Solstice potluck disco center


Burn hot

Alec and the fiddle player


The solution to cold butts


2am coals

I know, lets do it again. See you at the summer solstice!

Summer Solstice 2019: Bodacious Bonfire


First a story of the lighting through the photography of Amy Barley.

Prepare to Burn


Light it Up

Fire Maiden

And that is how you turn the sun.

Things looked pretty much like this before we started

Then there were several undocumented hours in the river with the special beer float courtesy of Aubrey. We’re still not sure where he is.

The most popular guest of all was baby Cora. (Yes, that is the three McGraw brothers in kilts.)

Panorama by jackie


A video of the lighting.


This shot by my brother walt (at his first solstice) is one of my favorites.

From the bridge


When the fire burned down enough to get within 100 feet, we started the music.

Burning pile

Joel Winstead created some great sketches in real time.

Music by firelight

The fire

Gary and Gina

The the thunderstorm moved in around 11pm and we shifted the music to the barn. We played until 4am. What a joy.

Gary and Gina in the barn

Allen behind his hat

There are a few more pictures on the evite page. Thanks to all who came to the 2019 summer solstice fire!

Thanks for coming to the summer solstice!

Winter Solstice Fire 2015


Winter Solstice Fire 2015

Winter Solstice Fire 2015

It all started out with champagne, celebrating Team Tartan’s 2015 Leukemia Cup accomplishment with a crop of Timex watches. (About which this.)



Burn barrel before the lighting

Burn barrel before the lighting

Then it got dark, the keg was tapped, the cheesy xmas music was put on infinite repeat in the barn, burn barrels were lit, and off we went! Early birds got to see the bonfire lighting. Middle birds got to see music and sparkling guitars. Late birds shut down the bar inside with Berryville Passages at 6am. Are we too old for this? No we are not.



Who let the banjo player in?

Who let the banjo player in?

Fire too

Fire too

Thanks to one and all for coming! We turned the sun around again!

Summer Solstice 2014: Big Fun

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The bonfire as captured by Joel Winstead

The bonfire as captured by Joel Winstead

What a blast the 2014 iteration of the solstice party was. Thanks for coming! And thanks to “electric triangle” for the new wrinkle…electric music at nightfall.

Electric Triangle as captured by Joel Winstead.

Electric Triangle as captured by Joel Winstead.

We kicked the keg (not bad for old people) and played acoustic music well past the wee hours into the pre-school hours.

Thanks for making the summer solstice 2014 party magical.

Gina and Gary play music by the bonfire (joel winstead)

Gina and Gary play music by the bonfire (joel winstead)