Machine Learning Security in Berryville July 1st

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Get your tickets for a public general interest talk on Machine Learning and Security here.

Catoctin and Kimpton – Cocktail Combo.

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Visited the Lorien Hotel (a Kimpton) in Alexandria for an evening where friends of ours from different lands and lives unknowingly were working on the same project – a tasting of Catoctin Creek’s locally distilled and bottled rye and brandy’s paired with Chef’s choice hors d’oeuvres from the Lorein.  Our friends Becky and Scott Harris have created a high level distillery in Purcellville, VA and Steph Vogel, another amazing person-friend runs the Lorien. The perfect cocktail storm.


Serious mixing and choosing


Yes, that one.


All enjoy.


Good Stuff.


Becky explains the science.


“The barrels are this big! ” Scott


A Tree Being All It Can Be.

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IMG_20170903_154140Full sun, Room to Spread it’s limbs. Juglans niger – Covey of Black walnuts.


Stone or Bone?

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Cute little fella I met in the barn. #farmlife IMG_20170722_115029.jpg


Science! Rain! (in reverse order)

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It started here, in the wisteria.

Caution: Wisteria leads to SCIENCE

Or maybe it was the wine. Who knows. Anyway, science happened.

So watch out for that.

Next up was poster making, a problem caused by many science classes and perpetrated on anxious moms the day before the science project is due.

Why does the computer scientist need a lab coat? Nobody knows.

Thanks to Troopers for making this a few years back.

The March for Science was in DC. It rained. Speakers still have no idea how to use a mic. Talks are boring.

Muppets do science well for puppets.

A poster (gasp) of a muppet pretending to do science. Meta.

There were some good signs.

Fortunately some actual musicians saved the day.

Then it was time to line up for the “march.”

The let most anybody in here, even computer security gurus.

Stop and go

Nobody thought to make the lights green, and the nerds all stopped.

Rain causes cocktails according to our one experiment.

Raining OUTside which is fine when INside

Have a Negroni in the name of science.

Finally, as a cure for science, try Trump. He’s just fucking stupid enough to try to bully it out.


Yes indeedy.

Forrest Writes a Book

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Our neighbor Forrest Pritchard just published a book. Amy stole it, so I have not read it yet (wish me luck getting it back), but my bet is it is both entertaining and clear headed. I thumbed through it today after our copy arrived, and I can’t wait to read it. Sustainable agriculture, organic farming, ecological stewardship, and local food; what’s not to like? We salute you Forrest.

Order it from amazon.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.19.58 PM

Orgies, Beavers, and the Difference 500 Miles Makes

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In NH this weekend, we went to see the newt orgy. Apparently it had already ended by the time we arrived. Only a few newt stragglers remained.

Here’s what it looks like in NH in early April.

At least there were beavers to be seen. Or signs of beavers anyway.

Huge oak taken down by beavers.

Huge oak taken down by beavers.

Or was it the field ecologist?

Beavers or ecologists?

Beavers or ecologists?

At least we used all of our gear. Here is how a field ecologist rolls in NH. Umbrella, snowshoes, and an ipad.

Meanwhile back at the apothecary shed, things look distinctly more springlike.

Early Spring in Virginia.

Early Spring in Virginia.

The first bluebells of Spring.

Spring bluebells in Virginia.

Spring bluebells in Virginia.